Greatest British Movie Directors

Britain has a surprisingly large movie industry with some highly acclaimed directors in its ranks. Whilst there are many more than those listed here, these are just a few of the top British directors and some of their works.

Alfred Hitchcock

Greatest British Movie DirectorsNumber one on the list, the great man himself and considered the greatest director from Great Britain. More than most he shaped the film industry into what it is today especially in the drama, horror, thriller genres. An uncanny ability to keep hidden crucial information to the viewer yet at the same time keeping the audience engaged, led to some of the biggest cinematic shocks and scares to this day. He was able to use multiple different styles, always creating something new in his films. With such films as Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo all offering up hugely suspenseful cinema yet at the same time being entirely different to each other. Many thrillers are clearly influenced by his impressive style and talent.

David Lean

The master of the epic movie, David Lean’s films became longer and longer as he attempted to create huge scale and grandeur. He gradually became almost obsessed with creating his films, taking years to plan and create them. Considered to be almost snobbish in his approach, no one can deny the lasting impact his movies had on the movie going public. Some of his classics include Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and Bridge over the River Kwai.

Danny Boyle

Known for strange and diverse movies ranging from Trainspotting, Sunshine all the way to 28 Days Later, he first came to fame with his intense opening of Shallow Grave. Able to tackle a wide range of genres successfully, he is still making movies today and in fact made a sequel to his ere defining Trainspotting with Trainspotting 2 out this year.

Ken Loach

Loach has been making movies for the better part of forty years. Not just a controversial director – think Cathy Come Home, his films aren’t just visual attacks but can be seen as love stories as well. His nuanced movies create a hauntingly real tale of the world immersing the viewer into his world and showing just how fragile everything really is. His movies may be for the more discerning movie-goer, making people stop and think just a little bit more about the world they live in.