Beauty and the Beast (2017) review

The remake of Disney classic Beauty and the Beast was unquestionably one of the most waited films of 2017. It was also one of the riskiest new versions of an old Disney classic as the original movie is so remarkable. This full of adventure family-musical is directed by Bill Condon and made alive by a-list actors and actresses. The role of the iconic beauty Bella is played by everyone’s favorite Harry Potter girl Emma Watson. All though she received some doubts as fans were worried of her signing abilities, she is shining bright as Belle wearing the memorizing yellow gown and signing her heart out.

Tale as old as time, just as before

It is no surprise the live action version of Beauty and the Beast has received split reviews. The team must have known that when they touch a classic like this, people will either love it or hate it. The remake is very truthful to the original dramatic love story, and there are really no big surprises or surprise plot twists. The writers definitely chose a safe path although there are some additions in it. As in the original, music and catchy well-singed songs play a big part of the overall experience. Some songs have been added to the new version, all of them served well.

21st century take on the old and beloved characters

The casting of Beauty and the Beast is very successful. Emma Watson is believable as Belle and has made the character strong willed and interdependent. Watson is known to be a feminist of screen, which definitely shows in the 2017 Belle. The new version also gives more depth to Belle’s and the Beast’s backstory and spends time explaining the plot. We get clear answers to questions like how did the prince and his servant end up cursed. The live action film definitely focuses more on building a realistic love story between the two main characters. Dan Stevens has a believable deep voice for a Beast and does the part well all though we only see his real face at the very end of the film when the beast returns in his human body. At times the special effects look clumsy especially the beast’s face. It’s not that they are not done well; it’s just that the expectations are very high as the Beast is such an iconic Disney character.

This time it feels like the villain took the first place. Gaston played by Luke Evans with his left arm LeFou played by Josh Gad are the silver lining of this movie. Both men play their roles well, surprise the audience with their signing, and also bring new charisma into their characters. Gaston doesn’t seem as mean as in the original; he is not your typical villain. He is just, well, very simple and narcissistic. Luke Evans could have done even more justice to Gaston, if the writers would have made the character a little bit deeper. Gaston seems almost too simple – we wish to see more of him! His sidekick LeFou on the other hand is great. He is fun, sarcastic and signs his solo ridiculously well. Luckily as in any good Disney movie he also gets his happy ending!

The Beast’s servants, who in the story have been turned into household items, are brought to live well. The voice acting is top class and in the end of the movie it is pretty exciting to get faces for these lively characters. Cast includes names like Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Ray Fearon and Audra McDonald.

Over all beauty and the beast relies strongly on the loveable characters, big music and special effects. It might not be a movie to watch over and over, or one that gives any big surprises or excitement, but it is definitely beautiful made, delivers a wow-disney-experience and by all means respects the original story.